Slanderous Feature Published in U.P. Newspaper for One of Their Students of the Week (Delta County)


Weekly in Delta County in the Upper Peninsula, the Escanaba Daily Press publishes a feature on local high schools for their students of the week. However, one bio feature for one student was taken in a harshly bad direction.

As you can in the Facebook post by user Ashley Buckman, Mid Peninsula Area Schools student Cody Pepin’s feature had a harsh description of him that were highlighted by the quotes, ‘Things are not always as they appear to be. In fact, sometimes, they’re quite the opposite.’

In one of the post’s comments, one user said they’re friends with Cody and he is nothing like what it was said about him.

It is appaling that the local newspaper would publish that without a significant fact check or with approval from their editor.

Hopefully Cody and his family will be getting an apology or a retraction of the feature and publish a new correct description of him.

Just disgusting on all levels.

**Original photo courtesy to Ashley Buckman (Facebook)**

UPDATE: the Mid Peninsula school district will be investigating what happened with the article and the district has posted their version of the ‘Student of the Week’ post for Cody.

Photo Courtesy: Denice Leassig (Facebook)


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