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Skip Bayless Spazzes on Camera (video)

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The Cowboys disappointed on thanksgiving and Fox’s Skip Bayless was in his feels once again. This time I really didn’t know what was happening.

I mean I really cannot describe what he was doing here. Sounded like he was dying literally in front of the camera, maybe even having a heart attack. He can’t even develop a word. It is all for an act though that is for sure. This is clearly fake. I absolutely despise it!

It’s just so funny because it’s Skip Bayless, if you know me, I am very anti-Bayless. His takes frustrate me and his priorities are not straight in my head.

So I rejoice when the Cowboys lose, because I know it makes that person angry, and it brings me joy in life to be honest. Look at the saltiness!

Goodnight Mr. Bayless! Get no rest please!

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