Singer Richard Marx Comments On ”Hardbodies 2” Involvement

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Singer-songwriter Richard Marx said co-writing the theme song for the 1986 sex comedy “Hardbodies 2” is his weakest claim to fame in response to a question asked by music publicist and Sirius XM host Eric Alper on Twitter. Marx wrote, composed and performed songs for several commercials, TV shows and movies including “St. Elmo’s Fire” and “The Goonies” before the release of his hit debut self-titled album in 1987.

“Hardbodies 2” stars Brad Zutaut and Sam Temeles as two friends excited about going on location to Greece to film a movie. Zutaut‘s character is engaged but he also falls in love with the lead female star of the movie played by the stunning Fabiana Udenio. James Karen (of “The Return of the Living Dead“ fame), Roberta Collins, and Brenda Bakke also star. The opening scene, featuring the song co-written by Marx, takes place on a nude beach so there are plenty of topless women throughout.

The movie is a loose sequel to “Hardbodies” which was released in 1984. Both were buried by critics who thought they were too exploitive and offensive; however they were hits on cable TV and at the video stores during the 1980s (especially with teenage boys). Several knockoff B-movies and adult films would follow with the same themes to try to cash in on the success.

“Hardbodies 2” is currently posted up for free to watch on YouTube. It is Rated R and age restricted for nudity and adult humor. You will need to sign in with a YouTube account to see it.

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