Simone Biles Goes PDA During Texans Training Camp With Boyfriend Jonathan Owens | Biles Hottest Pictures

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Simone Biles is one of the most talked about athletes in the entire world and her boyfriend? Jonathan Owens? He plays professional football for the Houston Texans – needless to say the two of them are a power couple. Not only a power couple, a beautiful couple. The two of them look amazing together. During a recent practice Biles showed up and the two of them had fun.

There are articles saying that Biles went PDA friendly during Texans training camp and I have to somewhat agree. I mean if you call kissing PDA, then yes.

Seeing we are already talking about how beautiful the couple is. Let’s all agree, Simone is a dime! She is a rockstar, her looks are amazing. Here are some of the hottest pictures of Biles:

Wowzers! Simone is winning big time! Even if people hated on her for backing out of the Olympics – you have to respect her for all she has done in her career. And her looks? They add to it.

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