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Sick social media post by Aaron Solomon suggests ‘preying on young women’ in Seattle’s lawless zone

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Women are reporting that they are scared to go to Seattle’s police-free zone alone after a post on Facebook instructing people to attack them was posted online. (FOR MORE POSTS LIKE THIS FOLLOW OUR NEW CALLING OUT RACISTS PAGE ON TWITTER, CLICK HERE)

A six-block area of the city’s centre has been turned into an alleged self-sustaining commune and self-policed zone.

A Seattle resident, Aaron Solomon, suggested on Facebook using the zone to lure young women into alleys and “enjoy” them away from the eyes of the police.

“Have you ever fantasised about hurting another person – I mean REALLY hurting them? Then listen up.

At this very moment, in the middle of Seattle, there is a six-block area where there are no police.

“Oh don’t worry, it’s packed full of people – including plenty of YOUNG WOMEN – many of whom are disaffected, and whose disappearance might not be noticed for days or even weeks, if you catch my drift.” He then goes on to say people should “dress revolutionary chic” and “make a Black Power fist” to be let into the zone.

“Blend into the crowd, get your bearings, pick your prey, lure them into the nearest or abandoned storefront and enjoy. If anyone tries to stop you, just tell them your victim is working for the police and it’s a party!”

He ends it off by writing: “An opportunity likes this comes once in a lifetime. Don’t miss out.”

🚨ATTENTION SEATTLE: This is TERRIFYING. Please, Please, PLEASE, be careful and do NOT go to Capitol Hill alone! TW// Mention of r*pists / Pr*dators ( But you NEED to know just how serious this is.)

Posted by Kea'ra Cavanaugh on Tuesday, June 16, 2020
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