Should I Fire Brad Shepard?? Hundreds Of People Are Tweeting About Him Needing To Be Fired

If you’ve been following Pro Sports Extra since day 1 you’ll know that we started in 2011. I was a young preteen with a dream! I’ve been building this thing like it’s my baby majority of my life.

Last night one of our bloggers, Brad Shepard, posted a blog that 75% of Wrestling Twitter didn’t like. What’s new?

This time he went into Wrestling Twitter After Dark and ranked the top 5 women.

Now my question is… Should I fire Brad?

There have been hundreds of Tweets about him today. I’d recommend to keep tweeting about him if you’d like to get my attention. A couple hundred tweets are nothing. Keep the tweets coming in!

If you think I should fire him I ask that you comment on this tweet with the reasoning. Click here!


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