Should Detroit Keep Cory Undlin and Darrell Bevell?

With the Detroit Lions going through a change at GM it’ll be interesting to see which, if any, position coaches will be brought back. Some fans want a complete rebuild including the offense – I don’t. I think Detroit has some solid key players and coaches to build on.

With offensive line coach Hank Fraley already interviewing to be the offensive line coach elsewhere, Lions position coaches seem to feel as if they won’t get an opportunity to come back in 2021.

Personally, I believe that there are a few that should be brought back. Let’s go through the list!

Darrell Bevell – Offensive Coordinator

Darrell Bevell might get an opportunity somewhere in the league as a head coach, but if he doesn’t, I’d love to see him back in Detroit.

Not as the head coach but as the offensive coordinator. If all else fails, I do trust that Bevell can be a head coach. He proved that this season that he was able to lead a group of men. Detroit’s offense has been dominate all season and able to go down in score in the matter of seconds – but that doesn’t matter when your defense can’t stop anyone. Bevell is a solid offensive coordinator and should be brought back to work with Matthew Stafford.

2020 Grade: B+

Bring back in 2021? Yes

Cory Undlin – Defensive Coordinator

2020 Grade: D-

The only reason that Undlin didn’t get graded an F is because of the fact he was put in a terrible situation. He was hired this last season after being the defensive backs coach in Philly. He didn’t really get a fair shot at this because it’s clear that Matt Patricia ran the defense and that there wasn’t anyway to come back from that.

The 2020 Detroit Lions defense might be the worst defense of all time and Undlin has his name stamped onto it because of Matt Patricia.

Bring back in 2021? No

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