Should Conor McGregor Fight Machine Gun Kelly Next?

We’ve all seen the Conor McGregor vs Machine Gun Kelly scuffle by now, and honestly, if you didn’t enjoy it I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Could we criticize Conor for getting into a few too many altercations? Absolutely. But that’s no fun. Instead, lets just enjoy the fact that a professional cage fighter showed up on a red carpet where he was completely out of place, and threw the same left hand that won him two world titles at Machine Gun Kelly. Watch the fight.

C’mon. That was awesome. And look, we’re in the age of Celebrity fights, so why not give us Conor McGregor vs MGK. Yeah I know Conor has a massive being that he’s a professional fighter and MGK is just famous for like two songs and his sexy girlfriend, but we can make this a competitive contest. What if they just did the fight next week? Conor still only has one leg, so it’s gonna be tough for him to evade the length of Kelly and avoid shots, but that bones healing more and more each day, so we gotta capitalize on this NOW.

But, we gotta get people to watch, and I fear this might not be deep enough of a feud to sell PPVs, especially if the fight happens on short notice. So what do we need? HIGH STAKES. So, I say the winner gets a night with Megan Fox, on live stream, for the world to see. Bonk. But really, who wouldn’t wanna watch Conor McGregor give the most attractive woman on the planet the Dublin Doggy for a night. Make it happen, Dana.


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