Should Boston Wait for A Home Win?

With Game 5 of the ALCS tonight and Boston leading the series 3-1 against the defending champions, the Houston Astros, to get to the World Series the important question here is whether or not Boston should get there by a home win or punch their ticket in Houston tonight.

Being from Boston, sure I’d love to have a home win just to say that I was there and celebrate with my friends and a whole community that calls themselves “Title Town”; but I would rather not go through the stress of trying to get a home win and end up losing.

The Sox might as well bite the bullet and get the win in Houston, so they can move onto preparing for the World Series. Also, it is Alex Cora’s birthday today and I’m more than certain that he’d love to celebrate with a win no matter where it is, if it gets him to the world Series.

P.S. David Price is starting tonight, and he doesn’t have a post-season win yet, so the Sox better step up to the plate and hit dingers like it’s their job (I mean, that’s what thy get payed to do anyways right?)


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