Shirtless Fan Runs Out Onto Field in Rose Bowl; Gets Tackled By Security – View Full Clip Here

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Talking about ringing the new year in style.

During the 2020 Rose Bowl Game between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Oregon Ducks, one shirtless fan decided to make the game more entertaining by storm-rushing onto the field during the second quarter.

As he was rushing (or walking) on the field, the fan appeared to be taunting the security guards before getting taken down by them after a couple attempts of resisting arrest.

ESPN did not show the footage of the fan at the time it happened, but a few bystanders captured the field-rushing incident on video for us fans to see. One of those videos can be viewed down below.

It’s unclear what happened to the fan after he was handcuffed, but the punishment will more than likely be resulting for him to be fined and/or an undetermined ban from any future, NCAA-sanctioned events.

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