Shayna Baszler gets screwed over for Queen’s Crown because Saudi Arabia won’t let her wrestle at Crown Jewel

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Before Monday night, the common theme was that the WWE’s Queen’s Crown tournament to determine a Queen of the Ring for the first time was a joke.

Matches were barely getting over the 2-3 minute mark and the fans were noticing and getting frustrated.

However, the WWE had a chance to do the right thing by having one of their better talents in Shayna Baszler win this thing. She’s a monster who can legitimately crush anyone in WWE.

Before Wrestlemania 36, she was built up as this unstoppable wrecking ball of a women’s wrestler who would choke anyone out and destroy them if needed. She was a bad ass.

And after her and Nia Jax ended their tag team, Shayna went back to that character. This tournament was set up for her to win and be the rising star again.

But hold on, Saudi Arabia has other things to say, as they wouldn’t let her compete at the event because they forbid any women who is LGBTQ; Shayna is a bi-sexual women’s wrestler who has dated both woman and men in the past, but is very supportive of the LGBTQ community.

So because of her beliefs, she is not allowed in Saudi Arabia and able to compete in the finals for the Queen’s Crown championship. On Monday Night Raw, Doudrop advanced to the finals by beating Baszler.

Before we talk about how awful this is for Baszler, good for Doudrop. She’s on the rise and it was the best match of a lousy tournament.

With that said, if the WWE had any common sense and did the right thing, it would have been to hold off on the finals of this match.

So instead of having Zelina Vega face Doudrop at Crown Jewel on Thursday, postpone it and have Vega and Shayna face each other on Monday Night Raw next week.

Or, they could have done it the following night on Smackdown with Baszler winning, because she should have won.

Fortunately for her, her confidence wasn’t hurt from the loss, as she knows her talents and abilities.

What the WWE needs to do to make this right for her, is to have her become the next Smackdown Women’s Champion.

It doesn’t matter if Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair or Sasha Banks are the champion after Thursday, Shayna is more than deserving to be the next champion.

She should have beaten Becky at Wrestlemania 36, but Becky retained and then shortly afterwards, took the next year off after she announced she was pregnant.

Asuka was given the raw Women’s Championship because she won Money in the Bank and instead of a contract, she was given the belt. Which was a fair move. But Shayna should have won it from her at some point and she didn’t.

Instead, she got put in the Women’s Tag Team division with Nia and did win the belts from Sasha and Bayley.

But now that Shayna is back to singles competition, she is more than deserving to win the Smackdown Women’s Championship. And because WWE screwed her over and out of the Queen’s Crown, this should be her reward.

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