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U.P Students Paint Their Faces School Colors But Facebook Posts Claim They’re Mocking Native Americans … Give Middle Finger To Someone In Crowd

Multiple students from Marquette High School in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are being posted about on Facebook after attending a Marquette football game with their faces painted the color of their school’s team… But many are considering them to be mocking Native Americans.

Also for those who are wondering, the schools team name is Marquette Redmen.

The Facebook post by Amanda:

The first report from someone in the stands was the students were asked to wash the paint off multiple times and if they didn’t they would be kicked out…Finally after being asked the third time they left the stands and ended up coming back in. But… Those first reports are more than likely false!

We’ve talked to multiple students who were in attendance who disagreed with the students actions but wanted to make sure everyone was informed that the students washed the face paint off immediately after the Principal asked them and that the student was flipping off another student who was his friend.

I can’t say if they did this to be racist, I don’t know them…. Again remember, teenagers… If they were being racist on purpose then something needs to happen.

People on social media have been claiming that this happened at another school a month before and they decided to do it to be racist. Again… I don’t know. I’m sure Marquette High School will handle the situation appropriately. 

Update from a Marquette student:

“I only saw them be asked to wash it off once by our Principal, which they did before they came back.”

He also added that the comment from a parent online saying they snuck in afterwards is false. 

“I, and many other students, do think that this was wrong. I think you should be happy to know that the school is currently investigating.” 

“When I spoke with these students about it they said it was to show school spirit. But they have since seen how the facepaint was in poor taste and have gone as far as to apologize on social media the next morning and wash it off at halftime. I personally do NOT believe these students did this with the intention to be racist or to hurt people, but due to our mascot being the “redmen”, it’s often hard for kids to realize how damaging their actions can be until after they already made the mistakes.”

I WILL UPDATE THIS STORY AS TIME GOES ON. We wish nothing but the best for ALL the students.

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