Share This Story To Help 8 Year Old #SuperTJ Who Has Cancer Meet LeBron James | Toi Porter Jr

Every year we hear about professional athletes going out of there way to meet with someone who is in need. If that’s to financially help or by just meeting with the person, these athletes are able to inspire people more than you’d imagine. That’s where we are at today.

Meet Super TJ – An 8 year old who has been battling cancer.

His real name is Toi Porter JR. He was diagnosed in 2017 with neuroblastoma, a cancer that forms when immature nerve cells become abnormal and multiply to create a tumor. It most frequently affects children. In December 2020, he was surprised along with other kids with gifts from Santa where the media caught an awesome moment.

That brings us to 2021. Sadly after years of battling the hospital has informed them that there is nothing else that they can do.

There is something that the family wants to do for TJ. They want to hopefully facetime or have TJ meet LeBron James. Now there are hundreds of thousands of people trying to get the family of TJ in contact with the NBA superstar.

As I’ve mentioned before these athletes like LeBron are able to inspire people more than you know. That’s why I’m here today asking for you to please share this story so hopefully LeBron will be able to see this. They’re not looking for any money from LeBron but only for a few minutes of his time.

The viral Facebook post by a family friend has over 50,000 shares!

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