Shaq to Dwayne Wade “You’re the best guard I’ve ever played with” on rare autograph shown on American Pickers

As I’m laying down watching Hulu, I tossed on American Pickers and while watching Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz came across a very unique sports piece.

A photo signed by Shaq which was written directly to Dwayne Wade.  *The person who owns this item owns a bunch of Wades gear from when he cleaned out his house, when Wade moved.*

“You’re the best guard I’ve ever played with” Shaq

Can I mention how this was nothing but shade on Kobe? Shaq and Kobe’s personalities clashed at one point during their time together on the Lakers.

After the Lakers, Shaq teamed up with Dwayne Wade and everything seemed pretty smooth. But this item is one that was suppose to be only for Wade to have/see.

Leighton Sheldon was the appraiser, and he estimated the image being worth $2,000.

The person who owns the item also owns Dwayne Wades Draft Pin and other items.

If you’re wondering how to watch it search for American Pickers season 18 episode 13.

Tweet his out and tag Dwayne, let’s see his response.

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