Shaq Once Again Proves Why He is The Worst Basketball Analyst With A Corny Challenge To Donovan Mitchell. @SHAQ

Shaq is a clown for this question flat out. He really thinks that if you didn’t play in his ‘era’ you are soft or a terrible basketball player and he really enjoys and gets off on picking on todays stars for absolutely no reason. In this classic clip he tells Donovan Mitchell “you don’t have what it takes to get to the next level” and then expects to get a response from Donovan? This had to be one of the dumbest statement/questions of all time.

This is awkward, it corny, and probably extremely uncomfortable for Mitchell? Let what would Shaq like Donovan to reply with? Shaq is too smart of a guy to be challenging these guys. I don’t understand what his problem is honestly. He seems to like to start beef with current NBA players to stay relevant? I mean I hope he knows he is Shaq and he will always be relevant. This is again a bad look for the Diesel and he really should apologize to Donovan because this was a very bizarre question.

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