Shannon Sharpe Needs To Write A Formal Apology To Tom Thibodeau and Knicks Fans For His Terrible Take About Thibs @ShannonSharpe

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I understand that the Knicks are blowing everyones expectations out of the water this year and Tom Thibodeau has his guys maybe overachieving but this Shannon Sharpe take was and is so bad.

To say that Thibs was a bad an uninspired hire is such an outrageous and terrible take I cant even began to tell you. Shannon to have the audacity to call Thibs an uninspired hire is so bad, I mean he literally is the sole reason for the culture change that the Knicks have undertaken this year.

Mr. Sharpe I get it that you are bad to be loud and have a comedic commentary is enjoyable but the schtick is running dry, you owe the Knicks fans an open apology and give credit where credit is due.

Put some respect on Thibodeau’s name he has been a great coach throughout his time and has brought great energy to every franchise he has been apart of. Also if you are taking his time in Minnesota as apart of his resume you are crazy, when a front office does not support your head coach that is the result you receive, he cannot be faulted for that train wreck. Thibs has lead this Knicks team to be a gritty defensive team that also leads the league in virtually ever statical category. His defense works when he collective buys in.

The Knicks certainly have and the results show. Whether the Knicks are overachieving or not you can not discredit their defense, in an era in the NBA where no defense is played, they are built on their tough gritty in your face, 90s style Knicks defense and that is why they are successful. So Shannon Thibs was the best hire for this young gun Knicks team and that is why ownership brought this ‘uninspiring hire’ in

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