Shane Dawson Is Trending Right Now?.. Why? Oh yeah, he humped his cat and ejaculated all over it

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Shane Dawson who has been creating content on the internet is trending right now and it’s because people are reminding others of what he said that he did awhile back. After someone made a joke that Dawson was running the Nintendo of America account.

This brings us back to years ago when Dawson said that he humped his cat and ejaculated all over it. Although years later he apologized and said that is was for shock factor and a joke.

Now every couple of seconds people are talking about him:

Well obviously there is more behind Shane Dawson. But I’m not getting into it. But that’s why he’s trending. Did he actually hump his cat and cum over it? Who knows. There is a chance he did. There is a chance he didn’t. I say things for shock factor sometimes but… wow.

Recently Shane Dawson said that his career was basically over because of his black face from years ago.

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