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SHAGMAG, Julia Rose Launches ‘The SH*TSHOW’ Podcast on YouTube — @JuliaRose_33 @BiancaGhezzi @SHAGMAG_

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SHAGMAG founder/famous Instagram model Julia Rose is back on YouTube. And this time she has launched a podcast called, ‘THE SH*TSHOW.’

Her first episode, alongside her two cohosts Bianca Ghezzi and Becca Vlaszoff, has just been uploaded to the public on YouTube earlier Thursday afternoon.

Check out the show’s content and more stuff going around on their Instagram here


If you like to follow on the new podcast and the updates for it from Julia’s point of view, click for her Instagram here.

Also feel free to follow Becca Vlaszoff’s Instagram here and Bianca Ghezzi’s Instagram here.

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