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Serenity Continues To Shine On OnlyFans, Hitting The Top 3% And Growing Daily! Check Her Out -@serenitymodel

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Tonight’s feature is Serenity.

She’s has been working on OnlyFans since 2017!

She has a message for everyone:

“Hey, I’m Serenity! Also known as serenitymodel on Onlyfans and Tw itter! I first made an onlyfans account back in 2017. This was when onlyfans first launched and was mainly used for models to post selfies/behind the scenes footage.

Recently onlyfans has become a lot popular and I’m loving being part of the industry. I’m hoping the more widely known Onlyfans gets, the less stigma there will be. I find it massively empowering, fun and a great way to interact with my fans.

It’s a perfect side business to my modelling and TV work. I have particular focused on revamping my onlyfans in the last month and I’m now currently in the top 3% of all creators. I love the freedom it gives you and it means I don’t have to deal with travel/stress that came with modelling.”

Want to know why she’s in the top 3%? Well… Take a look at her:

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