Seeing John Wall Back On The Court In Nearly Two Years Was Awesome

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Whatever way you slice it if you’re a fan of the NBA it was awesome to see John Wall back on the court in nearly two years.

I know it is the preseason so we cannot blow anything out of proportion but this was really cool to see Wall out there balling again. John Wall’s final line in his first game back he scored 13 pts 9 last 5 Rebs and two steals. He should flashes of ‘vintage’ Wall where he blew by Coby White twice and finished at the basket. In the clips I saw he looked quick and we when you are talking about players returning from ACL injuries the major thing that happens to athletes is that they lose their quickness. It was awesome to see Wall back on the court he is a exciting player in this league and obviously we all know the talent he has.

It was encouraging seeing him take a step in t he right direction and getting back on the court and showing that he can still play at a high level was just what he did. If the Rockets chose to not trade Harden I think this will be a great backcourt and work better than Harden and Westbrook. Wall is a more ‘traditionally’ point guard meaning he does not need to take twenty shots a game and he creates for others. I would love to see how Demarcus, Harden, and Wall work together. If Harden wants to stay there could be something in Houston. They have a nice supporting cast around the three of those guys lets hope that Harden stays because this team could be fun to watch.

It was really cool to see the Kentucky connection back between Wall and Cousins and it was nice to see that Boogie was back on the court again too. He has definitely had a rough two years or so with injuries, we all know the player he is when he is healthy. This pairing or hopefully trio can make some waves in the West I really do think so. I guess time will unfortunately tell if Harden stays or goes but Houston has something in Boogie and Wall if the two of them can stay healthy.

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