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Seattle Seahawks Sign New Quarterback; Trade Talks For Russell Wilson Commence?

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The 2021 off-season of the NFL has been riddled with quarterback controversy among many NFL teams. It seems to be the primary storyline of the off-season.

Green Bay has bad ongoing issues at the quarterback position since the Super Bowl commenced, and it wasn’t until last week that Aaron Rodgers decided to step back onto the field with Green Bay.

The New England Patriots are also at the center of the controversy. The assumption is that Cam Newton would be the starting quarterback for New England come September, but rumor has it that Mac Jones may end up at the helm come week one.

Nobody knows what is going on in Houston with DeShaun Watson. Denver has no clue what they are doing with their QB situation. The Jets are presumably starting Zach Fields since they don’t have a solid veteran to take charge.

And now, the Seattle Seahawks have signed yet another quarterback. Rumor has had it all year that Russell Wilson was unhappy in Seattle and wanted out. While it is assumed that Wilson will finish out his season with the Seahawks, the organization has signed yet another quarterback to their depth chart.

Where does this leave Russell Wilson? As mentioned, the assumption is that he will remain the starter in Seattle for the foreseeable future, but does not change the fact that he is unhappy with the Seahawks organization. In fact, check out this recent YouTube video where the Wilson trade rumors are addressed.

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