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Seattle Seahawks Make Surprise Move at Quarterback Position; Where Will Russell Wilson End Up Next?

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Since last year’s NFL season wrapped up, the 2021 offseason and even through the start of the current season, the clear theme has been “quarterback controversy.” It seems that more than half of the teams in the NFL have had issues at the quarterback position. Whether it be issues with existing quarterbacks returning to the team like Aaron Rodgers, or whether or not to start new quarterbacks over veterans like in New England, there has been drama at the quarterback position throughout the NFL.

During the offseason, there were rumblings that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was unhappy with the Seahawks organization. Clearly he did not leave, but the question is, how long will he remain there? In the mean time, there have been transactions at the quarterback position in Seattle primarily due to an injury Wilson sustained a couple of weeks ago.

So where does this leave Russell Wilson? Depending upon his injury, he may be sidelined for quite some time. But are the rumblings true? Is he really not happy in Seattle? Wilson signed a 4 year, $140M new money extension with the Seattle Seahawks on April 15, 2019 that included a $65M signing bonus, $107M of total guarantees, and an average annual salary of $35M. That would be difficult to walk away from, but I am sure there are plenty of teams that would be clamoring for Wilson if in fact he was up for trade in Seattle. Will Wilson see out the remainder of his contracxt in Seattle? My bet is yes, but once it is over with, I’m fairly confident he will be moving on to another team.

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