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Scumbag Yankees Fan Fights With Children That Are Red Sox Fans; Calls Children Losers In Viral Video! @yankees @redsox @mlb

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The historic rivalry between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox has been going on longer than most people have been alive on this planet. The amount of storylines between the two teams over the years to keep the rivalry going has been endless.

Boston fans think Yankees fans are the worst. Yankees fans think Boston fans are the worst. There may be more more disdain between the fans of these teams than any other sports rivalry that exists on the planet.

Earlier this week, angst between the fans ensued to a new low. If you watch the video that has now gone viral below, an adult Yankees fan can be seen ridiculing, belittling and downright bullying Red Sox fan that appear to be young children. She even went as far as using her fingers to make an “L” sign on her head which meant she was calling the children losers. Take a look below.

Now while there is no audio in the video below of what the woman is saying, it is very possible that the banter was good natured. We don’t know if she knows the children. We don’t know if throughout the game they got along just fine and she’s just having fun with them. But given fan reactions nearby, it does not come across that way at all.

While I always support witty banter between fans of opposing teams as it makes the game more fun, seeing something like this is downright despicable. Watching an adult treat children like this at a sporting event is just wrong. I also question where the parents of these children were at as at no point in the minute long video did any of them intervene.

If you are at a game and you are driven to the point whereby you feel the need to act how this scumbag wretch did to these kids, then you should just go home. There is no excuse for something like this to happen.

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