Scumbag Celtics Fan Throws Water Bottle at Kyrie Irving

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Disgusting, awful, heinous, egregious are just a few words to describe what happened to Kyrie Irving when he was walking back to the locker room after the Nets sodomized the Celtics in game 4. As Irving was exiting the floor, some douche decided it would be a good idea to throw a water bottle at the man that just crushed is soul for the last 3 hours. Watch the clip.

Can’t you just hear this fat slob going “yeah it was me. I threw a wahta bawtle at that cawksucka.” What a piece of complete Boston trash that guy must be. Kyrie just went for 39 and 11, this guy should be blowing Kyrie not throwing things at him. My favorite part of the clip, however, is the instant beef from Tyler Johnson. TJ was about to hop the barrier and shove the water bottle right back up that pigs ass. And he would have deserved it.

Oh well, I guess Kyrie will just have to drop 40 on them in game 5, and he probably will. Lets be honest, the Nets are head, shoulders, and penis above the rest of the league, by far the best team. Are they gonna take a day off here and there? Sure. But start throwing bottles and waking the beast? They might not lose a game the rest of the postseason.

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