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School Board Member Faces Renewed Calls for Resignation Over Racist Comments

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East Baton Rouge Parish School Board member Connie Bernard is once again facing calls for her resignation over controversial comments made however this time the criticism comes from her fellow colleagues.

The latest controversy is based on comments made during a recent panel discussion on renaming a local Baton Rouge high school, Lee High, that was named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Bernard implied that members of the community needed to educate themselves more on the legacy of Robert E. Lee and then maybe they would not be so quick to call for the school to be renamed.

This is not Bernard’s first controversial incident surrounding the name change of the school. At a recent meeting where the community was invited to discuss their thoughts and feelings towards renaming the school, Bernard was accused by local community leaders of avoiding conversations about the name change. After the meeting adjourned, a photo circulated social media showing Bernard sitting at her laptop at some point in time during the meeting. As you can see by the photo, her browser window is pulled up and it appears she is viewing an online clothing shop’s website.

District 2 board member Dadrius Lanus, who proposed the name change to Lee High, was among those who expressed outrage at Bernard’s behavior. He has since called for her resignation.  

In a statement released Monday, Bernard said she will not resign and “will continue to serve all students as elected by my district three times.”

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