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San Francisco 49ers Tight End Suspended For The 2021 NFL Season!

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The ongoing drama of this years NFL off-season just keeps on rolling. This time, the storyline resides with the San Francisco 49ers.

It was announced just recently that San Francisco’s tight end Chase Harrell was suspended for the entire 2021 NFL season. Harrell, who was suspended six games last season for violating the NFL’s rules on enhancing drugs will be punished further by not being allowed to appear in any game during the upcoming season.

In other NFL news, 49ers star tight end George Kittle recently explained why Jaguars newly signed tight end Tim Tebow was not invited to “Tight End University.” For those unaware, “Tight End University” is a training and strategy session whereby Kittle, Greg Olsen and Travis Kelce that is open to many of the tight ends in the NFL. See what he had to say on the subject below.

“If I can’t invite every tight end, how do I not invite a second- or third-string guy on a team that’s been playing tight end since he was 18 years old in high school?” Kittle said. “Nothing against Tim Tebow. I hope that he has incredible success this year. I hope he has 10 touchdowns. I hope he has a great year, but it’s hard for me to invite someone to this that just started playing the position when I can’t invite a guy that’s been playing it for eight to 10 years. That’s just hard for me. I want everyone to come because I want everyone to learn, everyone to get better,” Kittle said. “But we didn’t really plan that every single tight end would want to come. We thought we were going to get like 20, 25 guys max, and the next thing we knew we were at 45-50. Ran out of hotel rooms. Kind of ran out of space just in general.

“Hopefully in the next coming years I can make it available to every single person and then any tight end that wants to come can show up, learn, get better and just take another step forward.”

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