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San Francisco 49ers Player Arrested For Allegedly Killing Girlfriend? GF Still Missing! What Will The NFL Do? | Washington Redskins

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You know what they say once a 49er always a 49er. These stories are so sad. But they have to be talked about as well, former NFL TE, Kevin Ware has been arrested to question him about his missing girlfriend.

Oh yeah, also, before you have to google it. As soon as I heard the name I thought it sounded so familiar. It’s because of the Louisville basketball player who snapped his leg. Not because this dude had a good NFL career.

Per NYDailyNews,

Kevin Ware Jr., a former NFL tight end whose girlfriend has been missing since April, was arrested Friday for skipping bond supervision hearings. Ware, 40, was taken into custody outside a Houston strip mall after missing hearings in April and May, according to ABC 13

; he was arrested on April 19 for drug and weapon charges and released on bail. Six days later, Ware and 29-year-old girlfriend Taylor Pomaski allegedly got into a “violent fight” in front of witnesses at a party. Pomanski has not been seen since and Ware stopped showing up for his bond hearings.

Ware played for the Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers.

Yeah, he’s a scary looking dude and he’s been in trouble before. His Wikipedia page doesn’t have much about him, his NFL career didn’t work out the best.

His highlight of his Wiki page? Ware was arrested for evading arrest on June 27, 2010 in Houston. On June 12, 2021, Kevin Ware Jr was arrested again.

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