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Sami Callihan Re-Signs With Impact Wrestling – Will He Be THE DRAW In 2021?

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Sami Callihan has re-signed with Impact Wrestling.

While he was set to become a free agent at the stroke of midnight, crossing over into 2021, he put an exclamation point on the closing moments of 2020 via Twitter! This was not entirely shocking, as PWInsider had previously reported earlier in December he was likely to stay put. Also, unless I missed it, there was not much speculation on any other promotions seriously interested. Here is the tweet from the The Draw himself late last night:

A couple of notes here:

1-Sami notes the deal is for two years. That is fair. Some of these contracts include an opt-in kind of clause where either the talent or company can re-evaluate things after the first year. Nothing of that is noted, but it probably wouldn’t be made public even if it was included. Let’s just go with two years, as noted, which is the perfect length. Not too long to tie yourself down but also long enough to get a good return in investment. I like it.

2-Sami notes it is for BIG MONEY! I’d read that with caution. He often speaks of being “The Draw’ and getting paid all this money. Take it with a grain of salt, as wrestlers are always in work mode. Compared to Impact Wrestling and relatively speaking, yes, it probably is big money. Taking that out of context and imagining some huge ridiculous million dollar offer, heck no. Let’s be real here.

3-Sami notes that he received other offers. I am sure he did. Nothing was reported, but it could have been kept under wraps or secret. That happens all the time in sports. I am just saying my last column on Impact Wrestling was about WWE being interested in the expiring contracts of Taya and Ethan Page. I made ZERO mention of WWE (or anybody) wanting the expiring contract of Sami Callihan. Whatever these other offers were, I have no idea.

4-Sami notes it is his company, and he made it. Obviously in work mode here. The man has been far removed from the main event scene he enjoyed one year ago and hasn’t done a whole heck of a lot in 2020. If he wants to claim Impact Wrestling as hit, go right ahead. I don’t think anybody will stop him.

5-Sami notes he will be champion again in 2021. This, I believe. There are sure to be some exits from Impact very soon, so the field will open up a bit. Plus, do not forget about this mysterious AEW (All Elite Wrestling) crossover. My best bet is Sami will get involved with that, thus boosting his profile. With a new deal signed, the company will be more confident in showcasing him on television. Should be a good year for Sami.

Ultimately, here are my final thoughts. Big props to Sami on the new deal. Anytime somebody can grab some cash, I say go for it. On the topic of him hyping up big money and wanting to make Impact Wrestling HIS company and blah, blah, blah – I will pass. Kinda ‘meh’ if you ask me. Here’s to hoping 2021 will be a big year for Sami Callihan, proving he is once and for all THE DRAW of Impact Wrestling…

By Justin Watry (Twitter: @JustinWatry) 

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