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Sam “The Savior” Darnold

The Cleveland Browns have been a mess for as long as I have been alive.  2018 is finally the year they can change their future once and for all.  Big Ben is getting old and the franchise is always in disarray who knows how much longer they can hold it together.  The Ravens have Joe Flacco as their QB so that means always mediocre with maybe some break out years when defense plays amazing.  Cincy is Cincy. That’s all that needs to be said.

Sam Darnold in my opinion isn’t the best QB in this draft but he is the best fit for the lowly browns.  He has the moxy and demeanor of a Brett Favre even though Favre is a good ol’ boy from the south.  Darnold is the cool laid back surfer dude who actually made it off the beach.  The thing that Darnold will bring to the browns and actually all the NFL is that he is not a check down king he will let it fly at a moment’s notice with recklessness and not a care in the world.  He finds the smallest windows and will let it fly, giving his players the chance to make a play instead of always taking the easy check down route for 9 yards short of the first down and jogging off the field. 

I know a lot of you are going to say that doesn’t seem like a good thing in a QB, but that is exactly how Favre played and he is one of the most beloved NFL players of all time.

The beauty of someone like Darnold is when he makes those reckless decisions, whether it works out for him or not, is that he doesn’t apologize for it and doesn’t let it bother him one bit moves on with each throw of the ball.  Also, Darnold has the body type and the mobility to be successful long term in the cold and tough AFC North. 

Rosen is probably the better prospect and I think he also can be an all timer, but Darnold has been the exact man that the Browns have needed.  They have passed on other good prospects like Wentz and Watson, although I do not think that Watson is a good fit for them and Wentz could have handled himself there as well as we have seen this year how great he was before the injury.

The thing is Darnold just has that mentality that the Browns need he has the attitude they need he has the excitement they need he is the man to bring the Browns from 0-16 to a playoff run.  His receivers will love him he gives them every opportunity to be successful by throwing it up and making them make a play on the ball and he might have the best receiver in the league for that if he can stay in the league in Josh Gordon.  Corey Coleman is another great young talent that hasn’t quite flourished yet in the NFL until now.

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If the Browns trade out or pass up on this pick they shall be doomed for the rest of the existence and really don’t even deserve to be a franchise in the NFL. 

Sam Darnold has the perfect and exact makeup the Browns and the NFL need and I can’t wait to watch him play in the NFL he will make you with every throw sit on the edge of your seat for good or bad and it is what we need to bring back the viewers the NFL has lost.  Darnold may not just be the savior for the Browns he could be the savior from the check down offense.

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