Sad Scene as No One Showed Up for Chicago Sky’s Championship Parade (Video) #WNBA

A Twitter video of the Chicago Sky WNBA championship parade went viral earlier Wednesday and it really was a sight to see—not in a good way either.

Here posted originally by user Martha (@gwoman9810), you can see the streets of Chicago, or perhaps the suburbs of the city, had no fans lined up to meet the WNBA champs. Literally no one besides the security, team and buses themselves.

And let’s say most of Twitter had a field day with this moment with memes or sarcastic jabs galore.

We know the WNBA gets overlooked and isn’t as popular as the NBA counterpart, but this is just sad, funny and embarrassing based for both the city of Chicago and the league itself.

At least fans were in the attendance for the team clinching the title? Just so awkward for basketball fans to witness for men and women…

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