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Sad But True, Last Night The “Griddy” Died #MNF

Written by austenlange

Last night before the Monday Night game with the Vikings and Bears, Justin Jefferson took time out of his warm-ups to give the Monday Night Countdown a quick little dance lesson. Well bad idea Justin, because now your dance has been RUINED!!


I mean what the heck Schefter…. This is the whitest, worst thing I’ve ever seen. Obviously it could be far far worse than what it was, but it doesn’t mean I like it.

Schefter should more than likely stick to finding breaking news, and twitter and leave the dance moves to the pros.

At least Randy Moss has a bit of swagger to him, especially in the Jordan 1’s in comparison to Schefter who is wearing fucking duck boots.

Sad to see the “Griddy” die so quickly but that’s what happens when white people appropriate dance moves, just despicable sadly.

Jefferson will be ok though, as many Touchdowns he’s scoring finding a new dance shouldn’t be a challenge for him whatsoever.

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