Ryback Calls Wrestling “Fake” And Mark Henry Passionately Responds

Yesterday, I wrote about the fact that Ryback used to be a mega-star in WWE. From 2012-2014, one could argue he was next in line to be a main event player. Heck, he WAS a main event player in the entire industry with many going to bat for him. I was a big fan, and you can still look back on those amazing clips on Youtube if you choose. Since his exit from the company though, he has spent a whole heck of a lot of time ripping on WWE as a company, even asking fans to “boycott” it at one point.

A few days ago, he tweeted yet another gem:

The fan backlash was pretty swift, and now it is professional wrestling legend Mark Henry’s turn. Speaking on Busted Open Radio, here are a few statements from the World’s Strongest Man:

“A lot of his peers looked at him as difficult. A lot of his peers looked at him as dangerous…”

“You don’t use the word fake. The championship is the championship. It’s not a prop, and he’s wrong.”

“Ryback can’t take away what I achieved. There’s no way your bitter a**, whatever your name is, you are wrong. Every wrestler that sees your face should walk up to you and say ‘hey, you’re an a**hole.'”

The full clip is here:

As you can hear, Mark Henry did not hold back. Not a good stretch for Ryback sadly. To be fair, Big Hungry did reply on Twitter and kept it civil:

The full tweets can be read at @Ryback for those interested. Beware there are a ton of long comments. That is where we stand. Ryback mentioned the words ‘prop’ and ‘fake,’ and that is a big no-no in the business. Especially from the wrestlers themselves! You heard the reaction from a WWE Hall of Famer and former World Champion in Mark Henry above. Not pretty and definitely something that would cause a real life fight if they were ever face to face again.

My opinion? Well, I am starting to think Mark Henry defeating Ryback at WrestleMania 29 was the right decision, rather than the wrong decision like everybody thought in 2013. With the benefit of hindsight, maybe I get it. Other than that, I feel justified in my “Remember Ryback?” column posted a mere 24 hours ago. Mark Henry (and others) are just speaking for the entire fanbase…and yes, likely most of his peers. Good on him.

Let’s just consider this one a squash match and move on now.

Winner: Mark Henry

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