Ryan Fitzpatrick Tests Positive For Covid-19, Out For Big Miami Dolphins Week 17 Game

If the Miami Dolphins plan on making the NFL playoffs, they will need a different kind of magic they are used to.

Ryan Fitzpatrick will be out for the Sunday Week 17 matchup versus the Buffalo Bills, due to testing positive for Covid-19. This news was revealed Thursday morning, from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero. While he was set to be the backup quarterback to Tua Tagovailoa anyways, this just puts the entire team further in a hole. Let’s be real. The Dolphins had listed him as a ‘relief QB’ to be nice, but we all knew that translation: Tua was the starter…until he screwed up, and then Fitz Magic was needed.

That is how they have been operating and guess what?

It hasn’t been that bad of a strategy. Fitz has done well as has Tua. Just been a little messy trying to figure out who is the true starter.

The Miami Dolphins find themselves right on the bubble of making the post-season in a year where not many gave them a chance. If the Dolphins win this weekend, they are in. No questions asked. Obviously against the Bills, it will be a struggle. However, the fate of the Dolphins is in their own hands entering Week 17. That is all you can ask for as a football team against the odds. Win and in.

On the flip side, the team can actually make the playoffs if they lose and yes, I am assuming they lose. If the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, or Baltimore Ravens lose, they are in. Truth be told, that is the scenario I see playing out. Somebody will stumble. Even good teams tend to blow it on the final week and just miss out on the post-season. My guess is the Dolphins get in…somehow.

That will only create more of an issue come the playoffs. Assuming Fitz is back the following week, do you try to get some ‘magic’ out of him again or stick with Tua? Or do the usual – play it by ear and keep flip flopping? Either way, there will be no controversy for their crucial Week 17 scenario on Sunday. Tua is the man, Fitz is out, and the team needs to win. Pretty simple.


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