Rutgers Might be a Top 5 Team in the Country

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Ohhhhh myyyy gooooddddd. What a win. For the majority of you who probably missed it, let me fill you in. Rutgers absolutely clowned 13-Ranked Illinois today by a score of 91-88. The Knights maintained a healthy 10 point lead for the majority of the second half, and the score was only this close because of a few garbage time buckets at the end of the game. Ron Harper Jr. looked like an all-american out there, and Kofi Cockburn was completely helpless (except for a few times when he was dominant).

Everybody knew this team played defense coming into the season, but there were real questions surrounding their offense and three point shooting. Well, I gotta tell you they looked like the 2016 Warriors out there today. They had three guys go over 15 points, and absolutely shot the lights out down the stretch.

If you think we’re dealing with the same old Rutgers here and aren’t worried about this team I wanna spit in your face. They’ve got an embarrassment of threats offensively, are top 15 in defensive effeciency, and are lead by a man that would out coach Mike Kryzweski 10 times out of ten. Not to mention the fact that their senior captain is playing on one leg and the loudest arena in the nation is fanless. All this and we’re still clowning top 15 teams.

Not one team in this big ten conference scares me. Its the deepest conference in college ball and Rutgers is better than everyone. Your family, your religion, and Rutgers Basketball. Pounding Nails. Garden Statement. See you in march.

PS: If the polls don’t have this team inside the top 15 (should be top 10 but I’ll settle for 15) they should be burned at a stake.

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