Rutgers is gonna smash Northwestern tomorrow

Ok, every week I write some stupid blog about how Rutgers is gonna upset some top team in the nation, but this is the week, man. The last few weeks we’ve been playing the Ohio States, and the Michigans, and the Michigan States of the world, obviously games we’re not winning. But Northwestern? C’mon.

Look, I’m not even confident in this Rutgers team. They’ve played some absolutely atrocious football the last few weeks, but what I am confident in is that this Northwestern team STINKS! They just lost to Nebraska 45-7, and they lost to Duke earlier this year. Duke! Their progam’s budget is equivalent to the junior varsity football budget at most Texas high schools, and Northwestern still couldn’t beat them, so I’m sure Rutgers is gonna destroy them.

The Knights are -2 tomorrow, and I’m taking that all day. We’re gonna murder this team. Smash them. Absolutely humiliate them. After three straight losses, Schiano is gonna have these kids convinced that they are walking into a literal warzone, and that’s how they’re gonna play. Roll Knights.

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