Rutgers Football’s Dynasty Begins Tommorow

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Finally, the day all New-Jerseyans have been waiting on since Greg Schiano left Rutgers has arrived, it’s Greg Schiano’s return. I know Rutgers plays in a stacked Big 10 East conference thats loaded with talent, but damnit my hopes are soaring. Did you hear Schiano talk at the RAC this winter? How could you not believe?!

I shit you not, when I heard that speech I committed on spot. The Schiano man has lead us to the promise land once, and he’ll do it again. It starts tomorrow against a shitty Michigan State team, and the journey will continue for the rest of time. At +13.5, Rutgers is a VERY live dog, take them with the points, and expect them to win outright. CHOP, bitches.

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Noah Gagnon

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