Rutgers 100% HAS To Win Tomorrow

Call me delusional but my faith in the Rutgers Scarlet knights is sky high right now. They currently sit at 1-2, but beat a Michigan State team who outplayed Michigan, and only lost to the two best teams in the conference. I hate to do this to myself but I legitimately believe this team could finish 6-2.

The Knights host Illinois tomorrow, and are astoundingly favored by SEVEN POINTS. I don’t have the stat to prove this, but there’s a chance that this is the first time that they’re favored in a big ten game, and I’d bet one of my balls that this is the biggest number they’ve laid since joining the conference.

So, Rutgers has to go out there and kick the living shit out of Illinois tomorrow. They need to beat this teams dick off… pause. They need this game to never be in doubt for one second. I know its only Schiano’s first year, but I really believe that this Rutgers team can take out Michigan and Penn State this year. To prove to everyone that you’re capable, you’ve gotta take care of Illinois tomorrow, and I think they will.

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