Running Out Of Dame Time

Damian Lillard Reportedly Will Request A Trade

According to multiple NBA insiders with sources better than “Dude trust me”, Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard will be requesting a trade within the coming days. Lillard has been adamant about being loyal to the city of Portland and to the Trail Blazers organization but it seems their most recent playoff exit may have been the last straw. There have been highlights in Dame’s time with Portland but none of them have come in the NBA Finals or the Western Conference Finals. The Trail Blazers playoff runs have been short lived and I think that Dame’s lifespan in Portland has shortened dramatically because of it. So if these reports are true and Dame really wants out then where could he go?

Let’s start off in the east, apparently his preferred destination is New York. I’m not here to advocate for Dame to be sent to the NY Knicker Bockers, I want to see him down in South Beach. I think this is the time for Pat Riley to show the basketball world that he’s still the same man who constructed the big three, brought Wade back home, and got Jimmy Butler to buy into the Heat culture. The Heat have had struggles at the point guard position for years now so this would be the perfect time to make the move to upgrade. Goran Dragic has done great things for the Heat but he’s not shooting from the logo, dropping 50, or doing any cool celebrations after hitting a game winner. The Miami Heat need Damian Lillard. This Heat team went from the baddest boys in the bubble to a first round exit.

Everybody loves kids but in this league you need grown men to win championships. I believe watching the Heat get swept was all Pat needed to see for him to realize that Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, and Kendrick Nunn are all expendable. I was never completely sold on the Heats’ young core so now would be a perfect time to sell them for Dame. Tyler Herro has been hanging with Jack Harlow, getting IG models pregnant, and doing his worst Floyd Mayweather impression on the heavy bag it’s time for him to go with all due respect. Pat you wouldn’t trade the boys for James Harden and I understood that but will you go all in for Dame Lillard? In the words of the great Bernine Mac.. “F*ck them kids”.


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