RUMOR:49ers to Draft Mac Jones With 3rd Pick

Rumors are flying around the NFL Media today that the 49ers are leaning towards taking Mac Jones with the 3rd overall pick in this years NFL Draft. While this might seem like a bad idea or even something the 49er’s should avoid entirely but I believe that this is a calculated risk that ultimately could project San Fran up some power rankings.

This scenario seems to be what is causing all of this hub bub in the air regarding the 3rd pick. Now while some people are overreacting and saying this definitively shows that San Francisco wants Jones with their 1st pick, I think that this is Kyle Shanahan already knowing what Justin Fields is and what all he can do and he just wants to go see Mac Jones spin it around a bit. While Mac Jones sat until this past season many thought he was better than his predecessor Tua. Dude absolutely balled and showed the whole county that his talent was not something to take lightly. While Jones did have an all star receiving core it will be interesting to see how he fairs in the NFL.

I’ve been very vocal in saying that I believe Mac Jones is the most NFL ready guy in this draft class. I think if the 49ers decided to take a risk on him with the 3rd pick that their return would be a very handsome one. Jones bit his tongue and waited his turn and when it came it didn’t miss a beat. He threw for 4,500 yards (1st in NCAA) 41 TD (2nd in NCAA) and did all of this while only throwing 4 INT’s. Dude just flat out plays football and plays it well. He’s also a wicked smart QB and I believe that he could be that last piece that San Francisco needs to turn this whole thing around and return back to their Super Bowl form from 2 years ago.

Just watch these highlights and look how he never quits on a play, his impeccable ball placement and decision making. Dude will be a force to reckon with and the NFL will be on notice very soon.


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