Rough N’ Rowdy Between Dana B & Keegan Murphy Has Apparently Been Called Off

You may remember Dana B – the man, the myth, the legend behind the “Zillion Beers?” You may have remembered some dude who had beef with Dana B and the amount of publicity that he was getting with his dime of a lady, Kara. If you don’t remember this, check out this blog:

The dude? Keegan Murphy. Apparently, he’s Kara has been – shotguns his beers to “Renegade” by Stix – just looks like a guy who is asking for it.

The long and awaited Rough ‘N Rowdy that most of us were looking forward to will no longer take place. That’s because Dana B called off the shot as of this evening. And it’s 100% his choice. Here’s the conversation between our hero Dana B & Keegan:

Dana B released a statement to Barstool Nation:

Here’s Keegan’s thoughts:

You want my advice? Don’t give this dude (Keegan) money. Let bygones be bygones. Dana B has said his piece and his efforts amongst running with a million dollar idea to not only bring out Barstool’s brand but also raise money in the process for a great cause should be the only good coming from this.

Let’s move on folks. Let the boys continue to have their drama and let’s keep our noses out of it from here on out. I have my T-Shirt, it looks pretty sweet, you should go buy one.


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