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Rough N Rowdy 8 Top Moments | Chaos, Knockouts, Hot Ring Girls, Douchebag Referee, Fights In Crowd, The Best Commentary and a Barstool Employee Getting Choked Out In The Stands

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Rough N Rowdy 8 was nothing but an electric factory. From Dave getting sick to Spider getting chocked out if you missed RNR 8 you better find a way to watch it. There might be time to get it still, click here. But if not I’ve got the rundown of the event from you… well kind of… I have the top moments from last nights Rough N Rowdy below.

Big Cat Got It Started

Dave Got Sick:

If you were looking forward to listen to Dave for the entire event you’re out of luck. Dave got sick and left without even saying bye because he started to feel so sick…. But he started to give small warnings seeing he didn’t talk for a long period of time, unlike Dave.

The first proposal:

Who let the fart out?

Someone got slammed… And I mean it.

One referee made it about himself…. all night

The greatest KO celebration?

Fights Broke Out In The Crowd

Spider Got Choked…

Goodnight… AKA.. KO’S


Hopefully you enjoyed this event as much as I did. There was some technical errors throughout it, mics not working, lights going out, you know the Barstool difference.

Either way… Cheers.

Here is the roll out video:

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