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Rough N Rowdy 8 Is A Week Away And I’m Ready To Smoke A Doobie, Drink A Beer and Watch Some Red Necks Get Knocked TF Out

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April 19th. 5 days before my birthday. Basically the day that I am celebrating my birthday. I have courtside tickets to the Harlem GlobeTrotters, and afterwards? It’s time to watch amateur red necks get knocked the fuck out. Barstool Sports pay-per-view event Rough N Rowdy is back once again as Rough N Rowdy 8 will be taking place in West Virginia.

Never heard of Rough N Rowdy?

4 Hours Of Dan “Big Cat” Katz and Dave Portnoy?

Count me in. Dave Portnoy and Big Cat are two of the funniest and realest “personalities” on the Internet. You could tell me to pay $20 to listen to Portnoy and Big Cat for four hours without anything else I’d pay… And along with having Robbie Fox adding in his expert opinion along with Rone and Caleb Pressley handling the interviews?

Rough N Rowdy is a much purchase.

Past RnR Rowdy events sold over 40,000 online streams, and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if this is another big splash for Barstool. Crazy to believe what this event was just a couple of years ago before Barstool Sports purchased the company. I mean look at the production from the video above that you just watched and Dave’s first time at the event before he purchased it. Well deserved success.

Fights to look forward to at RNR 8:

Shizzat the Rizzat‬ ‪vs Nighty Night

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Shizzat the Rizzat‬ ‪vs Nighty Night #RnR8

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Toothless RNR Champ to Fight State Wrestling Champ

Thor Smash vs. Titan Turman‬

Other fights:


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TOP 10 Moments:

Ring Girls:

What’s the cost?

$100. No I’m kidding. $50. No. I’m kidding again.



Or else you can subscribe to Barstool Gold for less than $2 a week and it’ll be your best bang for your buck. You’ll be able to watch all Rough N Rowdy events with the subscription along with many other Barstool perks.

Click here to buy.

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