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Rone – Barstool Sports Top Hit

It’s one of those nights (Oh wait, it’s Valentines Day) where you’re just sitting up searching Barstool Sports on YouTube. And well who came to mind? Rone. Let’s be real one of Barstool’s funniest employees is Adam Ferrone. And if you don’t agree with me, read and watch this and if you don’t laugh then throw your phone/laptop out of the window because you have NO personality, nerd. Then go ahead and jam out with one of the worlds lyrical genius’s.

Rap Battle – 2X Rap Battle Champion

Pup Punk

And well if you follow Barstool you might know he is also apart of Barstool Sports band, Pup Punk.

Rap –

Shit was hard as fuck….

Rone is easily Barstool’s best all around talent, what can’t he do?

What’s next for Rone?

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