Roger Goodell Takes Shots With Seahawks Fans [Video]

What has the NFL come to nowadays? There are players admitting to doing drugs before games. There are coaches doing lines of cocaine before meetings. It all just seems like one big joke.

On Thursday night, Roger Goodell took a visit down to The Central Bar in Manhattan where he decided to join a group of Seahawks fans watching the game. While he was there, he decided to have a little fun and take some shots with some fans.

What was he thinking? You are the Commissioner of the NFL and you know everyone is going to recognize you. You know someone is going to film and post about it. For a league that looks so far down on players for partying, you would think the Commissioner would play by his own rules. But… I guess he is above the law in the NFL.

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Goodell is known to be one of the most hated people involved in the NFL. Just ask Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, they just love him. Even though New England might not like Goodell, it seems that Seattle loves him.

You would think that Goodell would like to watch the game in his luxurious home, but no, he decided to go to a bar in New York city with a whole bunch of Seahawk fans. You can clearly tell by the video that this was not his first drink as you can see the sweat running down his face.

At least Goodell has some friends somewhere.


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