Roger Goodell Continues To Help Barstool Sports Grow

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Dave Portnoy (El Pres) the founder of Barstool Sports and blogger PFT were both kicked out of NFL Super Bowl media day once again. People would think this might hurt the company, but it does the complete opposite and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell keeps playing into it.

Goodell won’t issue Barstool Sports press passes.

Every year Barstool Sports sneaks into NFL Media day – and this year was the exact same. Dave Portnoy was the first of the two to be kicked out of media day.

PFT Kicked Out

Sean Payton wearing the Roger Goodell clown shirt:

Image result for roger goodell
Image result for clown shirt sean payton

Barstool made these shirts because of deflate-gate… And well Sean Payton wearing one will piss Goodell off. It fits in perfect for what just happened with Barstool being kicked out of media day.

Image result for dave portnoy roger goodell

What does Robert Kraft think?

Roger… You keep making Barstool bigger. Dave might hate you, but you sure help cut him a big check. If you would just give them credentials there wouldn’t be a story. But you’re playing right into what Dave wants. And I love it. Congrats on your success Barstool.

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