Robert Kraft Gets Surprised By Jay-Z and Meek Mill With New Bentley

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It seems to be that the rich and continuing to grow richer while I sit at work and twiddle my thumbs…

For his 80th birthday New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft received his dream car from Hip Hop SUPERSTARS Jay-Z and Meek Mill. Pretty sweet birthday gift if you ask me. Many of the “poor” twitter people are extremely mad and upset that someone who has earned a boat load of money in his life was gifted an extravagant car.

What many of you are wondering is this, “What do Meek Mill and Jay-Z have to do with Robert Kraft?” Allow me to answer, Robert Kraft was very institutional in Meek’s arrest from jail a few years ago which leads me to believe this is Meek Mill paying his I.O.U. Now, Jay-Z…. not a single idea. To be brutally honest I had no a single clue that Meek and Jay-Z were friends. I’ve never seen them together or even heard a snippet of a song they’ve done together. So that to me is weird….,

This tweet really just covers the main sentiment for the whole internet. How can you be a MILLIONAIRE business tycoon and not already own your “dream car”. In my opinion I think as he’s earned cash in his life his quality of “dream car” has also risen making it nearly untouchable for him at this age. However, Meek and Jay-Z seemed to think differently.

Good for Robert Kraft, as if this man hasn’t caught enough breaks in his lifetime.

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