Rob Parker From ESPN To DeadSpin? Makes Sense! He Sucks! | @RobParkerFS1

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Ahhh! Deadspins, dead and I legit thought that they already folded!

Little did I know that Rob Parker, yup, THE ROB PARKER is writing for them!

Rob Parker is here to save the fucking day!

Parker began in sportswriting career with the Detroit Free Press in 1993, with subsequent stops at Newsday and the Detroit News.

He made his first appearance as a contributor on ESPN’s First Take 15 years ago and has been a stable on sports-shouting programs since then.

Parker has been known for trying to start controversy over nothing, and hasn’t really been respected by many people from where he got his start, Detroit.

Just look at these comments about him 12 years ago:

Look at this blog that his new company wrote about him:

I’m so glad that I found out that he works for Deadspins! How the tables have turned. How the man who was on ESPN and being talked about daily in Detroit became one of the least liked talents.

Have fun at Deadspin!

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