Rob Manfred is a CLOWN

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Oh Rob, you really pissed everyone off this time.

After the MLB came out and said any player caught using sticky stuff is going to be suspended 10 days, players all around the league got PISSED.

Tyler Glasnow could possibly need Tommy John to repair his torn UCL, and had this to say:

Carlos Rodón had this to say:

And Trevor Bauer of course had to fire off some tweets:

Rob Manfred is really in deep waters and I don’t know if he has any other choice but to try to fix it in the off-season. The real question is whether or not he keeps this rule all the way through the end of the year, and even more importantly, if the players are willing to follow it.

When it pertains to this rule, I don’t think guys have a problem with the rule, ‘you can’t use sticky stuff to enhance spin rate.’ I think more guys ultimately have a problem with the constant sweeping the whole situation under the rug and now that it’s come to the limelight their going to put a rule in place. Not only a rule, but taking it 10 steps too far saying that they’ll be regularly checked and it’s completely up to the umpires in real time. They need no proof and it’s completely in his hands. So what happens if a player gets ejected and it turns out that they weren’t using anything other than sweat and rosin like Bauer is in his video? They can’t replay the game. They can’t go back in time. They can’t alter the score. So that team just possibly lost a game and a pitcher had to come in earlier than expected, that could effect them for the next several days all because an umpire thought he was using something he wasn’t?

This whole situation has gone way, way too far.

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