Rob Manfred Has Officially Hit a New Low

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Oh how embarrassing is this? Five sports commissioners appearing on national TV to talk about their sports rising from the COVID infected ashes and Rob Manfred won’t be able to contribute even 2 words. Somehow, in a room with Roger Goodell in one chair and Gary Bettman in another, there’s a bigger jackass in the house and he’s sitting in the chair marked “MLB”. That’s absolutely delicious. Especially after this tidbit dropped today

Did you know that part of why Manfred got the job as commissioner of baseball is because he is known as a “deal maker”? He’s been a main reason the MLB hasn’t had any work stoppages since 1994. And yet, here we are, on June 15th with no start up plan on the horizon and possibly the death of Major League Baseball as we know it on our doorstep.

You’ll have plenty of people to blame for that, too. The headliner of your list should read Rob Manfred, though. Not only has he done a terrible job handling the return to baseball in 2020, but he had the Astros sign stealing scandal under his nose, he completely botched the Red Sox sign stealing investigation, and now he’s being exposed for covering up a Yankees sign stealing scandal.

Big yikes Rob. Big yikes.

I can’t even believe we’re at this point with baseball. Manfred is really going to be sitting up there trying to explain his reasoning for his league being the only one not to reach an agreement. “Ya well we could be playing literally right now because our athletes are so spaced out during play and we had an agreement but then the owners decided to scrap that plus Blake Snell doesn’t want to play for a prorated salary and the players aren’t sure of the safety regulations but also want to continue chewing seeds and spitting tobacco in the dugout so we’ve got some things to hammer out here. Oh we also think it’s a good idea to fly all over the country so teams can play in their own, empty stadiums. Thank you.”

Print the shirts. Draw the signs. Tweet the hashtags. Fire Rob Manfred.

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