Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend Camille Kostek Wears Next To Nothing In New Pics!

Rob Gronkowski is a very lucky man. He’s still in his early thirties, has multiple Super Bowl rings, and might even have the hottest girlfriend on the planet.

Enter Camille Kostek.

Wow. Just wow.

Haven’t seen her before? Check out a few of her recent Instagram posts below. Luckily for us, she likes wearing next to nothing in the photos that she posts. Odds are, if you aren’t following her, you will be shortly after you finish this article.

Rob Gronkowski is a very lucky man. Very few people would be lucky enough to have Camille Kostek as their significant other. He must also be a very secure man to not get jealous when his girlfriend posts the types of pictures she does on her Instagram account. Feel free to check said photos out below. 

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